Hyundai debuts digital showroom on

Photo credit: PRNewsfoto/Hyundai Motor America

In April, Amazon made a move to allow owners of certain General Motors and Volvo vehicles to have packages delivered inside their vehicles.

Its move Wednesday could deliver ready-to-buy shoppers to Hyundai dealership lots.

Hyundai has launched a digital showroom on that lets consumers check out pricing and reviews, set up test drives, view dealer inventories and utilize other Shopper Assurance perks. All this can be done directly through Amazon Vehicles.

“This collaboration with Amazon provides customers with the ability to learn about Hyundai vehicles in a way that matches their expectations for nearly every other type of purchase,” said Tim Maxwell, Hyundai Motor America’s senior group manager for digital marketing, in a news release. 

“Hyundai and its dealers are modernizing the car-buying process, so it made sense for us to be the first car company with its own digital showroom,” Maxwell said.

Hyundai’s digital showroom begins with a brand experience that showcases its tech and innovation. Shoppers are then able to research Hyundai Assurance, read vehicle reviews and check out vehicles that match their preferences.

Visitors can also click directly to to tap into the Shopper Assurance program, which includes such benefits as transparent prices, flexible test drives and more, the automaker said.

The automaker announced in February that its Hyundai Shopper Assurance program would be rolling out nationwide, following an initial launch in four markets in late 2017.

At the time of that initial launch in October, Hyundai said Shopper Assurance  “streamlines and modernizes the car-buying experience” by making four often-challenging elements of car-buying easier, including moving some of the process online.

“The car industry is changing, and customer demands and expectations around a frictionless, efficient and transparent experience are key drivers,” Hyundai Motor America chief marketing officer Dean Evans said in Wednesday’s news release.

“Hyundai Shopper Assurance was just the first step in modernizing the way people shop for and buy cars. We are excited to continue improving the automotive retail experience by offering tools and access that make shopping for a car even easier,” he said.

This follows a program in August 2016, when Hyundai teamed up with Amazon to lets car shoppers in the Los Angeles and Orange County, Calif., areas set up test drives of the 2017 Hyundai Elantra through the Amazon Prime Now service.

Later that year, Hyundai launched a Blue Link skill for Amazon Alexa that let consumers connect their vehicle with their home.

“We’re thrilled to continue collaborating with Hyundai on new programs that work back from customers to provide the ease of discovery and research they've come to expect with Amazon — in this case, enabling them to easily explore Hyundai's full vehicle line, read reviews from other Hyundai owners, schedule a test drive and more, all within one destination,” said Jeremi Gorman, director of global field sales for Amazon Media Group, in Wednesday’s release.


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