LotLinx, VistaDash connect to deliver helpful marketing metrics data


LotLinx recently announced a new partnership to fully link VistaDash's marketing metrics platform to LotLinx TURN, which provides dealers with metrics on targeted shoppers, total spend, sold VINS, conversions and engagements on vehicle detail pages.

To help dealers make marketing decisions that improve their ROI and digital ad spend, LotLinx customers now have access to VistaDash metrics via their TURN dashboard, the company said.

The newly integrated VistaDash platform is the result of research by PCG's Brian Pasch. LotLinx said he designed the platform to both provide dealers with unbiased marketing metrics and yield helpful insights related to different business goals.

"VistaDash is the brainchild of Pasch, whose book "Swimming with the Digital Sharks" has been hailed by the auto industry for its research on digital advertising inefficiencies and dealers' inability to obtain actionable marketing metrics," LotLinx said in a news release.

The platform's metrics inspect ad traffic quality and allow dealership managers to easily examine and identify strategies for increasing their return on ad spend, according to the company.

"With VistaDash, it's our mission to help dealers finally understand their data," added Pasch.

He said "through this partnership with LotLinx TURN, our products are working side-by-side to provide our clients with strategy, transparency and actionable data to help them succeed—and that is invaluable in today's digital age."

Additionally, LotLinx said it was the primary sponsor for PCG's seven-city Automotive Engagement Conference held earlier this year where the companies showed dealers its latest online strategies for connecting with shoppers.

LotLinx and PCG will be at the upcoming Digital Dealer 23 Conference and Expo from September 18-20 in Las Vegas.

The companies plan to educate dealers about avoiding "digital sharks" and utilizing data-driven solutions, according to LotLinx.

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