Millennials say more tech would attract them to auto dealership jobs

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While millennials still name car dealer as one of the top three occupations they would like to avoid, if car dealerships integrated more modern technology into the sales process, these same millennials would be more likely to pursue a job there.

This is according to new survey data Roadster released in partnership with research firm Survata on Tuesday.

Car dealer follows behind tax collector, the second most avoided occupation. Politician comes in as the No.1 most avoided occupation.

Fifty-four percent of millennials told Roadster that if car dealerships used more modern technology they would be more likely to consider a job there, according to the report.

“Imagine if you’re a millennial and the only way you’ve bought a car is through the traditional process, negotiating back and forth, writing everything down on a piece of scratch paper, but everything else you purchase is through an iPad, iPhone – some sort of screen device,” said Honda of Seattle General Sales Manager Tim Miller, who uses Roadster’s Express Store solution. “We’re attracting millennials by giving them the option to sell cars the way we sell it, which is through the Roadster Express Store, and that allows them to sell the vehicle just the way they purchase products off of Apple, Amazon and any other online retailer.”

When millennials were asked what retailers they would make car dealerships like, they listed companies Amazon (37 percent), Apple (23 percent) and Starbucks (11 percent) as their top three.

Over 90 percent of the millennials surveyed said having access to technology was important.

“On our end, normally when you go in to buy a car and you want to look at payment options, everything’s done on a piece of paper, and you have to go back and forth between the sales manager or an office,” Miller said.

“Now when you come into one of our dealerships, and you want to see the payments on the vehicle, the cash price, a lease quote, everything is done right there on the showroom floor without any management necessary and everything’s done on an iPad. For a customer, normally it takes 20-25 minutes just to get the customer the information of how much it’s going to cost to pay for this vehicle.”

With the Roadster Express Store, sales staff can have those options available to customers in about 30 seconds, according to Miller.

“We really try to value our customers time, because that is the most important thing that they have in their lives and certainly us as a dealership we value time over everything,” he said.

The survey also found that 61 percent of millennials say that one element about car dealerships they would like to change is the high-pressure sales environment.

Miller said that employing modern technology solutions not only simplifies the sales process and experience for customers, but also for dealership staff as well.

“Training is much easier because all the information is up front, so they don’t have to ask management what are the prices for the car, or what the interest rate is, everything’s on the Express Store. So it really just allows us to focus on customer service, selecting the right vehicle and then minimizing our customers’ time in store," Miller said. 

Additionally, 57 percent and 30 percent of millennial respondents, respectively, named less commission-based compensation and a more predictable work schedule as other changes they would like to see at dealerships.

Between Oct. 11 and Oct. 12, there were 1,006 online respondents interviewed for the survey.

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