New e-commerce platform lets dealers customize online check-out process

Photo courtesy of Fastlane.

Dallas-based startup Fastlane has launched a new e-commerce platform that gives automotive dealerships the ability to customize their online check-out processes.

The new platform is designed to facilitate an easy and efficient online car buying process that both showcases dealers’ available inventory and allows customers to acquire financing, service contracts and insurance following a purchase decision, according to the company.

“Fastlane has taken online car-buying to the next level by letting dealers customize their online check-out flow,” Fastlane sales vice president David Luce said in a news release.

“Other car-buying platforms have a cookie cutter check-out flow that cannot be changed. Fastlane recognizes that dealers in one market, such as New York, may sell cars differently from dealers in other markets, such as Georgia or California. Fastlane offers dealers a way to personalize the online car buying experience to meet their customers’ needs, while adding value to the overall purchase experience,” he said.

By bringing separate elements of the purchasing process under one umbrella in a one-stop online checkout, Fastlane said the platform helps dealers move product more quickly and efficiently.

“Fastlane’s greatest strength is that it transforms the buying experience into an easy, efficient process while making it possible for dealer staff to spend less time on paperwork and data entry, and more time engaging with their customers,” explained Brandon Hall, Fastlane chief executive officer.

He said “our technology gives dealers a way to offer an unparalleled customer experience. Dealers can then concentrate on earning more business by offering unique service-based incentives and advice, meanwhile turning customers into evangelists for their dealership. These 'e-dealers' are the ones who will continue experiencing the most success.”

Additionally, Fastlane also offers in-dealership checkout systems, such as a mobile purchase order system and a self-service kiosk for customers to browse inventory, submit trade-in information and apply for financing.

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