New platform aims to help dealers track, analyze, re-route phone calls


Dealerships can now leverage reporting capabilities provided by a communication platform that’s built to track, analyze, report and even re-route phone calls.

Automotive technology provider dealerTELtoday announced Monday that its solution is designed to provide helpful data that can help dealerships backup marketing costs.

Along with automatically adding all of the information to the dealership’s CRM system, dealerTEL said the communication platform offers dealers a 100-percent capture rate of both inbound and outbound calls from mobile and landline phones.

“The missing element in call tracking has always been what happens once that phone opportunity rings into the store,” dealerTEL founder Steven Barnett said in a news release. “It’s great that we can track phone leads back to the original source that brought them in, but what about all the data we can glean once that call is in-house? That information is priceless."

Furthermore, not only can dealerships track how many times a call was transferred, but they can also view any abandoned calls, which employee took the call and where a call came from.

For real-time metrics following, dealerTEL users can also get a view of each call to the dealership answered and delivered.

Along with a wallboard, the information provided to users can be customized to be displayed on a TV or computer monitor.

“Before we introduced these more powerful tracking tools if a dealer looked over a report he or she would only see the amount of calls missed. However, that’s not giving management a full picture. What if one particular employee is missing 90 percent of the calls? Or what if the calls are being abandoned because of the amount of transfers once in-house?,” said Barnett.

“This is the type of powerful information dealers can now find in dealerTEL’s system. And from there, they can create training opportunities, or new processes to enhance the customer experience," Barnett added. 

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