Rapid Recon announces 60% year-over-year growth

PALO ALTO, Calif. - 

Rapid Recon announced Monday record year-over-year results, reporting overall operation growth of 60 percent last year.

In addition to revenue being up 73 percent compared to 2016 and the company deploying 87 percent more systems last year, Rapid Reco’s growth in the independent and buy-here pay-here dealership market has also expanded, according to company founder and chief executive officer Dennis McGinn.

“We have worked very hard in the last year to bring the financial and human capital R.O.I. benefits to automobile dealers, which flow out of the use of rapid reconditioning time-to-line workflow software in dealership reconditioning centers,” McGinn said in a news release.

“As dealers experience margin improvement from the use of Rapid Recon, we are seeing an increasing number of large dealer groups and high-volume single rooftop dealers becoming part of a Rapid Recon culture. As a result, these dealerships experience improved communication between reconditioning, fixed operations, and the used car department. It also ensures work-performance accountability, and reduced finger pointing and blame that too often plague this part of the car business,” McGinn continued.

Additionally, last year, Rapid Recon said it increased its support, development and process-performance management staffs after expansions in Australia, Puerto Rico and Canada.

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