Urban Science, Viant integrate data for ad attribution solution

IRVINE, Calif. - 

Viant, a Time advertising technology company, recently expanded its partnership with Urban Science for a new integration designed to allow automotive marketers to accurately pinpoint which ad campaigns to attribute to each sale.

When targeting in-market customers, the integration can accurately attribute a sale to the specific consumers exposed to ads via multiple formats and channels in less than 24 hours, according to Viant.

“Urban Science has been part of the automotive landscape for four decades and has the deep OEM integrations and partnerships we were looking for,” Viant chief marketing officer Jon Schulz said in a news release.

“Enabling this type of timely and accurate closed loop sales measurement allows auto marketers to react and optimize their campaigns in real time, which unlocks immense value and reduces waste for both the auto brands and their dealers,” he said.

 Additionally, marketers can apply closed loop measurement to their campaign initiatives to track the impact of their omni-channel marketing efforts.

“This collaboration enables people-based ad delivery across multiple channels and formats to the auto in-market audience. We been working with Viant for almost a year, and this extension of our partnership unlocks major value for our automotive partners looking for accurate targeting and closed-loop measurement during the campaign, rather than weeks or months later,” added Eric DeMont, global practice director of customer solutions at Urban Science. “

The integration combines Viant’s database with its franchise data from Urban Science.

Viant’s database currently holds over 1.2 billion registered users.

“With the recent acquisition and integration of Adelphic into the Viant Advertising Cloud, this advanced omni-channel campaign execution can now be done programmatically,” the company said.

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