VINFactor releases new 'save car feature' for dealers


Automotive technology provider VINFactor has released a new saved cars feature that allows dealers to save vehicles across any website or software tool during the vehicle research and acquisition process.

Dealers using the recently launched VINFactor product can now click on any VIN on any website to activate the new car saving feature.

The company said this and other new product features are based on dealer back.

“This is the first time that a dealer can save any and every vehicle, no matter the website that they’re visiting,” VINFactor founder Steve Greenfield said in a news release. “We’ve listened to dealers who have been using VINFactor, and they’ve asked us for the ability to save cars as they use auction websites, their appraisal tool and even other dealership websites. Now they’ll be able to collect all of their saved vehicles in one easy to manage list that is always available in their browser.”

In addition to the new feature, the free product provides dealers with real-time actionable insights that are available inside the browser.

“Dealers have historically been challenged with a bunch of different software products that don’t work together,” added Greenfield. “VINFactor is the solution that bridges this gap between the various websites and software tools that a dealer uses, smoothing out their internal processes.”

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