40 Under 40: Benjamin Flusberg

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When a consignor is looking for improved performance when their vehicles move down the lanes at Manheim auctions, Benjamin Flusberg uses his mathematical analyses and skills to generate recommendations that increase sales conversion, improve price retention and drive other business objectives.

“I’m most excited and proud when I use innovation as a tool for making an impact on my company, clients, or even the industry as a whole,” Flusberg said. “Earlier in my career, while working at a biotechnology startup, I was the lead author on a publication describing a new technology that opened up revenue opportunities for the company and has since been utilized by researchers across the globe.

“In my current role at Cox Automotive, I’m excited to be developing new, data-driven products that can increase revenue and lower costs for both Cox Automotive and our clients,” Flusberg went on to say.

As he mentioned, Flusberg didn’t immediately begin his career or “take a straight path” to automotive. However, with wholesale metrics becoming more complicated, Flusberg’s interests and talents fell in line with what Cox Automotive needs nowadays.

“Throughout my career, I have enjoyed taking an analytical approach to solving problems, and that is what attracted me to my current role at Cox Automotive,” he said.

“I saw an opportunity to drive client performance and efficiency by blending quantitative data analytics with qualitative industry experience, and I found that very exciting,” Flusberg continued. “Since taking this role, I’ve really enjoyed collaborating with both our clients and various teams across Cox Automotive in order to achieve this goal.”

Benjamin Flusberg, Cox Automotive

Flusberg mentioned two individuals who impacted his career most, the first being his father. Flusberg highlighted his father was the son of working-class immigrants, earned an advanced graduate degree, had a successful career as a scientist and provided “me and my siblings with unparalleled educational opportunities.”

Flusberg added that “from him, I gained a passion for continual learning and an appreciation for the value of hard work.”

Flusberg also mentioned a previous manager who founded a biotechnology startup in his garage that eventually grew to be a publically traded company in Silicon Valley.

“From him, I learned the power of dreaming big and believing in the impossible,” Flusberg said.


Benjamin Flusberg, 38, is the senior director, head of insights & optimization at Cox Automotive

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