40 Under 40: Nick Pawlak

CARY, N.C. - 

Nick Pawlak definitely feels at home in the industry, even if it’s not where he expected to end up.

“I started my career in public accounting, with no knowledge of the remarketing industry,” he said. “I had a couple of friends that worked within the KAR organization and talked about how much they enjoyed it.”

Since joining the company, Pawlak said he has thoroughly enjoyed the fast-paced environment as well as the challenges that both the company and the industry provide him daily.

His responsibilities include overseeing the field inspector network and inside call center operations for the U.S. portion of AutoVIN.

When asked what he is most proud of in his career, Pawlak said the answer is twofold.

 “Being able to work with so many amazing people in various functions and businesses in the auto remarketing world. This opportunity has been brought about due to the various job duties that I have had,” he said.

Nick Pawlak, AutoVIN

“From accounting to investor relations to working at various auctions to operations for an inspection company. (It’s) truly a blessing to get to work with and know the wide range of individuals that I have encountered.”

And he’s found no shortage of inspirations among those people.

“The ones that I admire most are highly motivated with a desire to win. Not just to win, but to go about it the right way, not cutting corners and doing so in a respectful manner,” he said.

“I have encountered so many examples of this while working at KAR and in general within the auto remarketing industry. These type of qualities are a true testament to the leaders of not only this industry, but to the business community as a whole.”

Nick Pawlak, 37, U.S. vice president of Operations at AutoVIN.

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