40 Under 40: Ray Chorfi

CARY, N.C. - 

As president of Dallas Pre-Owned Auto Group, Ray Chorfi is responsible for the purchase and remarketing of vehicles nationwide, while also having a hand in the company’s digital and online presence.

Despite being the boss, he never forgets his roots.

“I am proud of my humble beginnings from a one-man operation to the current team we have, without whom none of this would be possible,” he said.

“I’m also proud of the fact that we are trying to change customers’ perception of the industry, one customer at a time.”

And he loves sharing his own enthusiasm with customers.

“Fresh out of college, I always wanted to get into the car business because it was my passion, and I always loved cars ever since I was a kid. This allows me to share my passion with my customers as well and the excitement of finding the right vehicle for them.”

Asked about his role models, Chorfi said he admires everyone who is trying to change the image of the automotive industry through hard work and dedication.

“I have seen my fair share of dealers that came and left,” he said. “But there are no shortcuts in this industry, just integrity and hard work.”

Ray Chorfi, 35, is president of Dallas Pre-Owned Auto Group.

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