Black Friday is no turkey when it comes to car shopping

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While many Americans might be napping off that extra helping of turkey, car-shopping activity isn’t likely to hit the snooze button on Black Friday.

New research from indicates that 18 percent of car shoppers say they have more reason to visit dealerships that day. And nearly three-fourths of that crowd (74 percent) say it’s directly due to the special deals and incentives being offered on Black Friday.

Interestingly enough, though, it’s not just the sweet deals that are driving some consumers into the showroom.

“With deals aplenty, shoppers have good reason to go car shopping,” said editor-in-chief Jennifer Newman, in a news release. “However, our research indicated that regardless of deals and incentives, 16 percent of shoppers are more inclined to visit a dealership this Black Friday because they have more available free time, and 8 percent said they’d shop over Black Friday simply because ‘it’s fun.’”

And Black Friday may be even more prosperous for dealers than the following Cyber Monday or any other portion of the weekend, according to data from

The company’s Dealer DataView index shows that after dipping modestly at the end of summer, total dealership website traffic climbed 3 percent from September to October.

Views of vehicle detail pages climbed 2 percent, the index found.

These two measures combined indicate that fall is showing a “relatively robust selling climate,” said in a news release, noting that dealers are preparing to see activity spikes for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“However, insights from last year regarding credit application volume — a leading indicator of purchase intent — suggest that dealers have a compelling reason to prioritize Black Friday over the rest of the holiday weekend,” the company said.

Last year, credit applications on Black Friday were up nearly 40 percent against other Fridays that November, according to data from Cox Automotive sister company Dealertrack that was cited by

But Cyber Monday did not see a similar lift, as there was just a 2.6-percent rise against other Mondays that month.

“The DataView index provides a timely snapshot and actionable insights for dealers seeking to better understand consumer sentiment,” said James Grace, senior director of analytics products at Cox Automotive Media Solutions, in a news release. “As dealers gear up for the holiday season, the November report points to another period of robust demand and purchase intent from car shoppers.”

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