Dutch marketing firm makes Canadian acquisition

LAVAL, Quebec - 

An online automotive marketing operations based in The Netherlands and out to serve the Canadian, Latin American and European markets made a move to strengthen its North American footprint.

In order to accelerate its development and strengthen its Canadian market presence following the acquisition of DEALERCITY CANADA, Dutch company DEALER Corp. has purchased the trademarks and business operations of AUTO123.com and EVOLIO.

The company highlighted this new acquisition will allow AUTO123.com to offer professionals in the automotive and recreational product industries access to the top experts and largest portfolio of solutions to help them develop and optimize their digital strategy.

Included are online and mobile tools designed to improve sales and marketing performance and provide access to advertising media in Canada from coast to coast.

“I am very proud to see this deal come into effect and enthusiastic about all the possibilities for our clients,” said chief executive officer Marc Somma.

“As part of DEALER, we have all the financial, technological and human resources we need to achieve our ambitions,” Somma continued. “Our development builds on our core philosophy of combining innovation with top-tier expertise to make our clients strong, satisfied performers.”

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