Podcast: Kyle Petty and AuSM Roket’s Nick Peluso

CARY, N.C. - 

We switched gears a bit for this episode of the AuSM Podcast. Instead of discussing residual values, wholesale volume or shopper behavior, Nick Zulovich had the opportunity to be joined by one of the most famous names in auto racing — Kyle Petty.

With National Motorcycle Day coming up on Friday, Petty, along with RMS Automotive president Nick Peluso, described their passion for riding on two wheels and how their times together have been a part of highly successful charity fundraisers.

For the past five years, Manheim has been the presenting sponsor of the , which during the past 23 years has raised more than $17 million for charities that help chronically ill children, including , a camp established in 2004 to provide enriching experiences for children who are facing life-threatening conditions.

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