Study reveals men's & women’s favorite car colors

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BOSTON - recently released the findings of its latest annual , which found that men's interest in yellow and orange vehicles has significantly increased this year.

The study also found that men’s new preferred car color is yellow.

Last year, orange ranked first among men.

Women’s current favorite car color is teal. The study reveals they have a stronger preference for teal cars by 19.0 percent.

More details on preferences 

Since last year, men’s preference for yellow cars increased 63.8 percent, and their preference for orange cars increased 41.7 percent. 

iSeeCars said an increase in market share of yellow convertibles could explain men’s growing preference for yellow.

Convertibles made up only 11.8 percent of yellow cars in the study in 2015, and last year that number rose to 13.9 percent, according to the automotive data and research company.

Because convertibles make up only 1.9 percent of all cars, suggests that this finding illustrates men’s stronger interest in sporty and flashy cars when compared to women.

Currently, men favor yellow more than women do by 33.9 percent, followed by orange (32.6 percent) and black (14.2 percent), according to the study.

As for the results among women, iSeeCars found that since the first color preferences study in 2013, this is the first year that teal has shown up in the women’s rankings.

Ranking fifth at 4.3 percent, green also appears on the women’s list for the first time.

iSeeCars said teal reflects an interest in more practical cars, such as minivans.

While the minivan makes up just 3.7 percent of all cars, 7.8 percent of all teal vehicles are minivans, according to the site.

Additional differences

“Men and women don’t just like different colors,” Phong Ly, chief executive officer said in a news release. “Our research shows men’s preferences are much stronger than women’s, and the top color choices for both of them have actually grown to the highest percentages we’ve seen in four years.”

Additionally, men's and women’s differing preferences are also reflected in the prices they wish to pay as well, according to Ly.

“If you compare prices for pre-owned cars, the average price for men’s favorite colors is 22 percent more expensive than women’s favorite colors,” he said.

Men’s top-ranked yellow cars are 86 percent more expensive than women’s teal cars, according to

On average, the cars in the colors men prefer cost $3,258 more than women’s choices.

The study found that among women, $14,938 is the average used-car price for the colors they prefer, compared to $18,196 for the colors men favor.

The average used price for a yellow car is $20,601, while the average for teal cars is just $11,053. looked at data from consumer car inquiries between calendar years 2015 and 2016.

The site said it analyzed more than 700,000 consumer inquiries and nearly 30 million car sales to identify car color preferences by gender.

According to the company, it categorized male and female study responses based on participants’ first names.

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