Auction volume could soon be ahead of 2017 pace

Joe Overby, Senior Editor

Though it is currently a bit softer than year-ago figures, overall auction volume should exceed 2017 levels “soon,” according to the latest Guidelines report from J.D. Power Valuation Services. The report released this week is updated through the year’s first five months. It found that overall auction... Read More

AuSM Staff

The experts at Black Book and J.D. Power Valuation Services are seeing a wide array of factors ranging the juncture of the calendar to fuel costs to volume in the lanes all impacting their forecasts and most recent wholesale price recaps. Before looking at what happened at last month as well as last week throughout the... Read More

AuSM Staff

In an effort to respond to severe weather events along the United States' North Atlantic coastline, Copart has opened a new North Carolina location that will function as a catastrophe response facility where vehicles collected during times of crises will be stored. The new Copart Lumberton location sits on... Read More

AuSM Staff

Temperatures are rising nationwide with the first official day of summer coming soon, but prices on certain cars and trucks keep dropping noticeably as auctions and dealers enter the summer months. However this week’s Black Book Market Insights report indicated a few segments, such as sporty cars and compact vans,... Read More

AuSM Staff

ARI recently honored five of its best-performing auction partners based on scorecard metrics such as days to sell, days to write a condition report, days to fund and days to pick up. ARI added that the company changed its scorecard format by sending to auctions monthly and added a new metric for days to remove company... Read More

AuSM Staff

ADESA, a business unit of KAR Auction Services, announced Tuesday that it has named new general managers at ADESA Chicago and ADESA Fresno. The company has promoted Matt Itami from ADESA Flint to head its Chicago location and appointed ADESA Los Angeles’ Cheryl Toler as new GM at ADESA Fresno. These promotions... Read More

Michael Bor , CarLotz

On the surface, managing the total cost of ownership for vehicle fleets seems like a fairly straightforward calculation: Buy the right vehicles at a discounted price with low depreciation rates, take good care of them, maybe recondition them a bit before sale and wholesale them off as quickly as possible. Then,... Read More

AuSM Staff

KAR Auction Services has appointed former mobile product leader Joe Oliveri new vice president of the company’s Autoniq business to replace Nicole Archer, who was recently named VP of international business development for KAR. Oliveri most recently served as senior director of product and has... Read More


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