The Appraisal Lane steps into Texas market

AUSTIN, Texas  - 

The Appraisal Lane announced Thursday that it has expanded into Texas to meet increased dealer demand.

Dealers in the Lone Star State can join the company’s buyer network encompassing 26 states that enables dealers to buy in-demand inventory virtually — both inside and outside of their market area.

This expansion follows the company's announcement in December that in just a little over two years, it surpassed $100 million in used-car transactions for both live trades and aged units.

Last year, The Appraisal Lane processed more than 60,000 vehicles for cash offers in its community, according to the company.

“We continue our strategic and methodical expansion westward to meet ever-increasing dealer demand for our community and the benefits it brings,” The Appraisal Lane co-founder and president Andrew Iorgulescu said in a news release. “The dealers in our community are seeing increased incremental sales while mitigating exposure to wholesale loss. 

“Additionally, with The Appraisal Lane, transparency and a responsive process provide a better customer experience.  We're pleased to bring this platform to dealers in the competitive Texas automotive marketplace."

The Appraisal Lane is available across the entire Eastern Seaboard, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Texas.

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