ARI, ISM team up for free supply management webinar


Fleet services provider ARI is partnering with the Institute for Supply Management to host a webinar on Tuesday. 

The webinar, “Lease vs. Purchase in the Era of New Accounting Rule — What’s Best for your Fleet,” is scheduled for 1 p.m. (EST) tomorrow.

Listeners will hear from ARI’s director of lease portfolio management Jesse Mann, who will be exploring the differences between leasing, financing and purchasing fleet vehicles and the impact each can have on an organization’s fiscal outlook, the company shared.

“For many businesses, navigating complex acquisition scenarios can be overwhelming, but it is vital that you have the insight and tools necessary to make the best possible long-term decision for your organization,” said Mann.

“Now more than ever before, technology and advanced analytics allow you to take a more data-driven approach to evaluating the most suitable funding option for your fleet to ensure your acquisition strategy aligns with your company’s key financial goals,” Mann continued.

On top of covering different methods of acquisition, attendees will also hear from Mann on what factors should be included in the decision-making process to help ensure their fleet remains on the road.

Further, they will learn about how potential future changes to accounting standards may affect businesses and their fleet operations.

To register for Tuesday’s webinar, .


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