Auctions can now use donation remarketer AudoServ

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A company that had spent close to five years working on a logistics management tool designed to meet the vehicle remarketing needs of charities is now offering its services to auto auctions, as well. 

AudoServ, which is a donation remarketer, partnered with Auction Edge and AutoIMS and added 180 independent auctions to its platform.

The company announced these technical integrations in a news release Tuesday. 

“Our legacy system helped us prove the need for increased efficiency and transparency for vehicle donors, charities, auctions, scrap yards and transporters,” AudoServ president Jason Cotton said in the release. “After a number of years, and diminishing support for that system, we made the deliberate decision to start over from scratch.

“It was clear from the start that using existing industry partners was the right path to supported software with a broad reach and proven track record," he said. 

AudoServ has been fine-tuning its technology and approach for years, and now gives charities access to up to 180 independent auctions. This is boosted by what the company called a “low-cost centralized vehicle distribution network,” which is powered through Auction Edge and AutoIMS.

AudoServ worked with both companies on the integrations.  “It was a great experience working with John Green, Kathy Williamson, Joe Miller, and Keely Smith.  The knowledge, and dedication of these industry professionals is unbelievable,” Cotton said.

He added:  “We have designed AudoServ to handle the complex issues related to managing the donation process, but have kept it easy to implement and use.”

AudoServ said it is working to integrate with several large-scale charities and auto recycling companies. It is also accepting applications from independent auctions to be AudoServ Network partners.

“In creating AudoServ, we understood the influence it could have within our industry, and are excited to see our partners recognize how easy it is to use,” Cotton said.

More information can be found at or by emailing [email protected].



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