Integrated Auction Solutions is now fully compatible with Autoniq


Announced today, Integrated Auction Solutions’ (IAS) marketplaces are now compatible with Autoniq’s appraisal software.

The full integration is for both iOS and Android devices.

“This integration provides our customers the added value of Autoniq’s appraisal software with the AWG Simulcast suite all in one place,”  Peter Levy, vice president of IAS, said.

The company also pointed out that IAS is integrated with Auction Genius and V-Auto, as well, which enables  IAS Simulcast and Marketplace technologies for the V-Auto suite of products.

“Our goal has always been to maintain our relationships with third-party partners, which enables us to provide our auction customers much needed industry-standard technologies,” Levy said.

In other recent news from IAS, the company launched last week a customized marketplace for the Retail Automotive Alliance, an auto dealer group in the U.K.



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