Manheim broadens OVE to give dealers digital sale hosting capability


For dealers who have units that just won’t turn, Manheim rolled out another solution on Thursday to solve that problem.

To offer dealers more ways to meet their buying and selling needs on their terms, Manheim launched a new OVE “Dealer Direct Event” sales channel.  With this offering, dealers can host digital event sales using inventory on their lots, without transporting it to a physical auction location.

 “This is one of many ways we are helping dealers prepare for the emerging digital future,” said Derek Hansen, vice president of digital at Manheim, in a news release. “We are bringing more options to dealers than ever before — especially outside our own locations — to give them the flexibility and control they need to more efficiently buy and sell vehicles.”

Collectively, Manheim’s offsite solutions, which include Digital Assurance, Dealer Direct Event Sales and Mobile Auctions, have grown 50 percent in volume year-over-year, according to a company news release. Manheim said that significant growth reflects rising demand for — and usage of — these useful tools by dealers.

This year, the company highlighted, these solutions will drive more than 100,000 transactions with more than 20,000 dealers participating.

 The Digital Assurance solution offers unique value for dealers who have a smaller quantity of high-quality wholesale units on their lots. With this solution, qualified vehicles can be listed on OVE with a complimentary DealShield 21-day purchase advantage guarantee provided to the buyer, which gives buyers greater confidence in making the purchase online.

 Manheim’s Mobile Auctions — where the auction comes to the consignor — are designed for those who have a minimum of 100 units to sell, but are farther from a physical auction location. With Manheim’s growing fleet of mobile units, company officials emphasized the versatility of these sales has proven to be a convenient and efficient option for independent and franchise dealers, as well as commercial consignors. 

“Mobile Auctions generate the highest sales rates among all Manheim channels — nearly 70 percent — and dealers tell us that they enjoy more profits from these sales,” added Alan Lang, division vice president at Manheim.

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