Manheim launches machine-learning driven search on OVE platform

Manheim recently announced it has launched what it’s calling the industry’s “first intelligent search for wholesale inventory” on its online wholesale platform OVE.

Manheim recently announced it has launched a new intelligent search function for wholesale inventory on its online platform OVE.

The new personalized search tool offers dealers faster and more relevant results and increases search accuracy.

OVE, which serves 66,000 active users and sees 900,000 monthly visits, now touts an intelligent search feature which uses machine learning in order to learn clients’ behaviors and preferences over time. The new search tool offers vehicle recommendations specific to each buyer, and buyers can sort results by relevance, newly listed, percent of MMR and more.

In the future, Manheim explained the new search will also start taking clients’ bid and purchase history into account “in order to serve up increasingly more relevant inventory recommendations over time.”

Additional enhancements include:

  • Search filters that display the number of matching vehicles for each attribute
  • A “new listings” indicator
  • A live countdown timer that appears for listings that will expire in less than 24 hours

 “We listen to our clients and are fully committed to making ongoing upgrades to ensure they can easily and efficiently transact with us in a digital environment that they trust,” said Zach Hallowell, vice president, Manheim Digital Marketplace and RMS Automotive.

“We will continue evolving our industry-leading digital assets to anticipate and meet the needs and preferences of buyers and sellers. Our goal is to enable clients to make faster, smarter decisions through a modern, personalized online experience,” he continued.

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