McConkey Auction Group establishes 7-member executive team

SPOKANE, Wash. - 

On Friday, the McConkey Auction Group announced that it has formed an executive team to oversee the strategy, operations, national sales, finance and marketing of its auctions in the Spokane, Wash., Kansas City, Mo., and Seattle markets.

The new seven-member team includes:

—David Pendergraft, DAA Northwest general manager

—Doug Doll, KCI Kansas City general manager

—Dave Blake, DAA Seattle general manager

—Greg Mahugh, senior vice president of operations

—Jennifer Leocardi, vice president of national sales

—Jerome Rauen, vice president of finance

—Mitzi VanVoorhis, vice president of marketing

The executive team will be charged with instituting best practices, nurturing and growing the group’s unique culture, vision casting, goal setting and mentoring the organization’s next generation of leaders.

“While we are not an auction chain, we are a single auction family with a unified team and consistent core values,” president Bob McConkey said. “Our auctions share many national account customers, and we know the remarketing community needs effective, consistent communication.

“We are being very intentional about providing that as part of our value proposition, and it enables us to compete in the marketplace at the highest levels,” he continued.

“Each of our locations bring specific strengths that are becoming best practices across the board. Simply put, we are learning from each other and are putting what we learn into practice,” McConkey went on to say.

All three locations of McConkey Auction Group are ServNet auctions, powered by Auction Edge.

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