NAAA to Replace 'Kink or Bend' Site with 'Is It Frame'


With help from Auto Auction Services Corp. (AutoIMS), the National Auto Auction Association said Friday it was replacing its recently acquired  on Saturday with "Is It Frame".

In an announcement, NAAA said that it will continue providing the data for free in order to help its 333 member auctions maintain compliance with the structural damage disclosure policy.

As reported by AuSM in August, NAAA bought Kink or Bend, an IT company specializing in online resources for auto structure types, to help its members determine if they are required to perform a disclosure — a potentially costly move — of a quarter panel replacement.

NAAA said the transfer of the database (compiled from OEM information) and website operations to AutoIMS was planned as part of the acquisition.

So, in essence, NAAA will continue providing this free service on structural damage disclosures, just under a new a new name and administrator. The Is It Frame website is

“AutoIMS is the No. 1 supplier of inventory management systems to commercial accounts and auctions in North America, so it was a natural fit for them to serve as the new website’s administrator,” said NAAA chief executive officer Frank Hackett. “We’ve been working closely with AutoIMS to make the transition seamless and are confident in its performance.”

Is It Frame is designed to provide a simple, secure search engine for structural damage requirements, says NAAA president Ellie Johnson.

“We wanted to provide our members with an efficient tool for making the decision on structural damage disclosures because that can have a direct impact on the value of a vehicle for its entire life,” Johnson noted. “Is It Frame streamlines the disclosure determination process, making it faster and easier to comply.”

The aim of NAAA’s Structural Damage Policy is to define and clarify terminology surrounding structural damage, while also providing clear guidance on the seller’s disclosure requirements for cars offered at NAAA member auctions.

Additionally, the policy aims to give the buyer adequate disclosure info so they can make well-informed purchase decisions. And it is designed to help cut down on arbitrations for the dealer, NAAA said.

Under a recent revision of the policy regarding quarter panels, an announcement is necessary only if the OEM deems the damage as structural. Otherwise, it is not required.

“So learning that you don’t have to make that announcement can result in significant savings,” Johnson added.


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